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How do you give good intentions a future?

In order to lead a company into a stable future, it is nowadays necessary to manage the available energy intelligently. Generating one's own electricity via photovoltaic systems and electrolyser/fuel cells is a step in the right direction. But how do you ensure that the energy does not go to waste, but is available at the right time?

What happens to the energy in our property?

We offer you the right solution for your efficient energy management: myPowerGrid. Our EMS, called Amperix, provides you with the interface between different generators, consumers and meters and displays the energy flows transparently for you on our myPowerGrid platform. This way, you know at every second what is happening with the energy in your property and can have a variety of reports and evaluations compiled, e.g. for data collection for utility bills.


What can an intelligent energy management system do for us?

That sounds good, but a large orchestra also needs a good conductor: With the Amperix, you now have the possibility to control your generators and consumers such as PV systems, CHP units, heat pumps, wallboxes, etc., independent of the manufacturer. The e-cars in the charging park are charged at night up to a certain level with the energy from the batteries at the site and the sun in turn charges the batteries in the morning when the cars are already on the road again. In this way, intelligent charging strategies allow you to use your solar power yourself in an economically optimized way according to demand, instead of feeding it into the power grid with poor compensation. In certain situations, it can also make sense to convert the electricity into thermal energy.


Does smart software see what the future holds?

But what if the sun goes into hiding? The Amperix uses artificial intelligence to determine the behavior in the future based on existing profiles from the past and current weather data. Through this power forecast, it recognizes possible bottlenecks and bypasses them independently. Even in the event of an internet connection failure, the Amperix will continue to ensure that your power is distributed efficiently. This even makes it possible to set up off-grid, self-sufficient island systems, all the way to true island networks, so-called microgrids, which supply themselves with power.




Prognosebasiertes Laden


Who monitors our energy needs in our daily business?

The intelligent algorithms, developed by the Fraunhofer-Institut für Techno- und Wirtschaftsmathematik ITWM and continuously refined over the years, also enable accurate RLM peak shaving, which will reliably protect your operation from rising power prices.


How can we take the energy transition into our own hands?

Take responsibility for a sensible energy transition and lead your company into a viable and successful future. Simply create a demo account for our portal myPowerGrid here and be impressed! We look forward to your response and will also be happy to present our energy management system to you in person.

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